Control your Inventory with MobileISM, our Mobile Inventory and Sales Management application. MobileISM works with most PDA RF Device using Windows Mobile Operating System 5 plus and some versions of Windows CE operating systems.


With MobileISM you can process receiving for purchase orders and transfers. It allows multiple receivers to work on the same purchase order/transfer. You can receive against line items on valid Purchase Orders and it provides the ability to add items not on the original purchase order.

Mobile Tickets

Mobile tickets provide a flexible line-busting function. Hold tickets or orders can be created on the fly. Either of these can be processed immediately or saved on the handheld device for later processing. Full support for location pricing, alternate units, gridded items, and more.

Physical Count

To conduct a physical count scan Items and/or manually enter counts. You can search an item description if needed. You may enter numerous counts for the same item allowing multiple clerks to count concurrently. Counted items may be reviewed and the quantities adjusted for all items counted. CounterPoint physical count is updated when the count is processed.


Create Transfers Out by scanning items for a user specified FROM and a TO location on the handheld device. It is most frequently used to provide an easy method for staff at a remote location to request transfers while “walking the aisles”. In this case, the “Pick Transfer Out” is often used by the warehouse location to specify what was actually sent.

Purchase Request

Create a purchase request from the wireless hand held device. You can perform quick entry of items that are to be added by scanning the barcode or scanning the shelf tag. After scanning all items to be purchased, the purchase request is updated in CounterPoint for the creation of the purchase order for the vendor.