Our Mariner GreenPoint Warehouse Management System was developed to create a more efficient warehousing process. MBS Warehouse Management System is a complete inventory management solution, making it a powerful warehouse and inventory management system. 

Flexible & Scalable 

Our Mariner GreenPoint Warehouse Management System provides the flexibility you need and the ability to grow as your business grows. We know all businesses are not the same, so our Warehouse Management System is completely scalable to handle the inventory data for a single warehouse to an unlimited number of physical warehouse locations.


A user-friendly touch screen on the mobile handheld device allows for quick employee training and usability to accommodate new users.

Secure User Roles

Our Mariner GreenPoint Warehouse Management System offers a high level of security. Roles are created based on the needs and requirements for employee and management access. User rights can even be limited for employee access to specific areas. Mobile access also allows you to manage inventory anywhere in the warehouse.

Purchase Orders

Traditionally a purchase order is a document that a buyer sends to a supplier indicating specific products and quantities that they would like to receive. Our Mariner GreenPoint Purchase Orders module allows you to purchase and receive merchandise on demand. ​

  • Multi-location purchasing with automatic distribution by location
  • Drop ship purchase orders
  • Suggested purchase quantities using built in features to order by par levels or past sales activity
  • Purchase orders can be copied, reissued, cancelled and reprinted on demand


The receiving activity completes the process of the supplier’s goods delivered to the warehouse. Products can be received into the warehouse easily from a previously entered purchase order or on demand. This process can be useful when an item is brought in to the warehouse without a previously entered purchase order. The products being received are scanned in to inventory using a mobile handheld device or entered manually form a receiving document. Inventory is updated and the items are ready to be moved to the correct bin in the warehouse. The selling price of items can be updated as needed from the receiving screen whenever costs have increased. ​

  • Receive full or partial quantities from purchase orders
  • Adjust shipments at the time of receiving for cost or quantity
  • Add items on-the-fly for different items received than ordered
  • Print labels automatically for product received

Transfer IN

Our Mariner GreenPoint Warehouse Management system includes the ability to monitor and manage multiple warehouses and the movement of product between the facilities.​

  • Create transfer (IN’s) automatically based on supply and demand
  • Automatically suggests selection of items by quantity-on-hand and location
  • Print picking forms and transfer reports
  • Differences between quantities sent and received are automatically reconciled

Stocking the Shelves – “Put Away”

Our Mariner GreenPoint Warehouse Management System uses a wireless device to quickly scan the item received and pair it with the bin location where the item is stored.​

  • Software can suggest a default bin location for quick location storing
  • Printing bin location bar code labels on demand
  • Ability to scan any one of multiple barcodes for the product and link to original receiving document and items
  • Verify product being scanned on the handheld device

Warehouse Inventory

The Warehouse retains back stock of your product. Distribution of the product for other warehouses and/or store locations is managed through the Warehouse. The inventory in the Warehouse includes all items you need to track for inventory control or sales management. This includes items you have for sale, as well as items for internal control such as uniforms, in-store supplies and office supplies. Product quantities can be tracked by different metrics such as quantities on hand, on purchase order, on customer order, on transfer and net quantity available. Reporting includes inventory valuations, merchandise analysis and over 40 additional reports.​

  • Unlimited number of manufacturer barcodes can be associated with an item or create your own barcodes by using the system’s auto-generate barcode feature
  • Manage moves between bin locations easily with wireless devices
  • Reports list product by bin location or show where a specific item is located
  • Receive full or partial quantities and orders

Invoice Shipment from Supplier

Integrated back-end accounting interfaces allow for one-touch invoicing to accounts payable. Received product can be applied to different vendors or distributors’ invoices. All accounting distributions are maintained throughout the system.​

  • Prevents duplicate entry of outstanding invoices from supplier
  • Able to include shipping or other add-on costs to be included in margin calculations
  • Apply multiple or partial shipments to a supplier’s invoice
  • Report on open and invoiced bills from suppliers

Damages and Broken Products

Accidents can happen. Shipping companies can cause breakage of your items received from your supplier. Keeping an accurate account of your product in the warehouse requires you to monitor and adjust quantities on hand whenever these types of activities occur.​

  • Enter receiving adjustments for cost changes not previously entered
  • Create returns to vendor to monitor credits due from suppliers
  • Use adjustments to inventory for breakage, shrinkage and damaged goods
  • Reporting by specific product or type of damage activity

Transfer Out Products

Keep inventory counts accurate in the warehouse by automating the shipment of goods from other warehouses or company stores. The transfer in process includes the ability to reconcile differences between what was originally sent from the originating warehouse to the shipment being received.​

  • Print reconciliation reports
  • Use wireless devices to quickly receive product into the warehouse and move it to the correct bin
  • Identify bin location in warehouse for default storage area

Sales Orders Pick Tickets

Use the built-in process to pull together the right products to fulfill stores’ requests for customer specific orders.​

  • Print pick tickets in bin order
  • Master pick ticket for sales order pulls
  • Print pick tickets by customer
  • Able to select to ship all product or partial shipments from an order
  • Able to use wireless devices to capture quantities and bin locations easily

Sales Orders

Sales orders can be generated form customer requests, phone orders received, e-commerce orders and the point of sale from retail stores. Sales information created as estimates are placed on hold for future handling.​

  • Forms for estimates and invoices include company logo
  • Able to reprint invoices on demand for current or past customer history
  • Emailing is integrated with system for invoices, statements and other forms
  • Multiple choices for forms of payment are available. 
  • All transactions can be handled at the corporate office (sales office) or at retail locations.
  • Reporting is available based on open customer orders, back orders and special orders. 
  • Orders can be copied.

Pack & Ship

Shipping product to other warehouses or stores can be accomplished by common carrier or in-house transportation. Our Mariner GreenPoint Warehouse Management System provides accountability on tracking shipments regardless the carrier.​

  • Create shipping or waybill forms
  • Able to create shipments based on ship-date requirements
  • Include additional shipping costs to customer shipments or transfers

In House Transfer Reconcile

Keep inventory counts accurate in the warehouse by automating the shipment of goods from other warehouses or company stores. The transfer in process includes the ability to reconcile differences between what was originally sent from the originating warehouse to the shipment being received.​

  • Print reconciliation reports
  • Wireless devices to quickly receive product into the warehouse and move to Identify bin location in warehouse for default storage area

Invoice Shipment to Customer

Invoices are tracked for the life of the customer. Monitor payment terms and credit limits. System allows for multiple contact names including additional phone numbers, email addresses and many fields available for customer tracking and social information.​

  • Print monthly customer statements in a variety of formats
  • Email monthly customer statements
  • Able to enter full or partial payments on account
  • Reporting includes aging, customer activity, all types of customer history reporting