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CORE PLATFORM Customized Features for retail garden centers

Starting with the Mariner GreenPoint Core Platform, the NCR Inventory Engine, we have developed a host of customized key features specifically designed for retail garden centers to enhance the Counterpoint Point of Sale System.​

Collect Customer Information Automatically at the Register

Collect customer information at the point of sale register by scanning the barcode on the back of the customer driver license which automatically populates the name, address, and other details into the customer record.

Generate Product Availability Reports

Create availability reports and files by plant for resale or stocking orders. System shows live availability that is actual quantities available in your system. As orders are taken in the system, inventory quantities are decreased instantly on the available reports and screens. Availability schedule is included in the “Order Entry” system for quick entry of all orders.

Print Bench/Stake Signs

Standard sizes stake and bench signs are integrated with CounterPoint. Any information relating to items including multiple descriptions, items, pictures, images, and additional information is kept in the CounterPoint database. Sign making can be accessed from any computer on the network.

Manage Your Deliveries and Handling

The Delivery/Handling feature allows for multiple delivery and handling options for items on a sales transaction. Entry can be an order, ticket or combination of an order and ticket. Handling options include hold for later customer pickup, deliver and planting, and delivery only. Additional fields are available to add notes regarding the delivery or planting of the items.

Print Sold Labels 

You have the ability to print sold labels (Tags) from the point of sale register or back office for items sold that need to be held on premise for customer pickup, delivery and/or planting. The tag has the customer name, customer number, order date, etc.

Receive Items in As Sets and Sell Them As Individual Items

Certain items, specifically pottery, often are purchased in sets of mixed sizes. However, the sets will be separated and sold as individual items. This feature allows the ‘parent’ item of a set to be identified along with all ‘child’ items related to the parent. Feature includes costing and inventory control of the parents and children product(s).

Time Clock Enhancement to Manage Job Costs

Bi-lingual screen labels and fields allow time entry by jobs and departments in English or Spanish. Menu codes can be modified to reflect the specific screens based on an individual user. Reports are run by employee or by job detail.

Wireless Handheld System for Mobile Efficiency 

Speed up point of sale functions with mobile efficiency using a wireless handheld unit utilized to run CounterPoint. Functions the handheld unit can be used for includes:​

  • Line Busting, the ability to scan items in the nursery or in the customer’s cart while in line and the ticket is placed on hold for later retrieval at the register
  • Physical counts, the ability to scan items and count quantities on hand for adding entries into CounterPoint
  • Purchasing, scan items in receiving mode
  • Transfers, scanning items for movement between locations

Manage Your Pot-ups and Product Size Movement

Easily transfer plants used for filling Garden Planters, Container Gardens and Hanging Baskets. Also, useful for moving trees from one size to another for changes in pricing from one season to the next.

Manage Wholesale Delivery Cart Tracking

Track delivery carts left at customer sites that need to be picked up and returned to the Production Facility.

Track Daily Weather with Sales History Comparison

Compare year to year daily sales including the day’s actual weather report. This Mariner GreenPoint solution utilizes your local weather station to import the temperature, wind and other weather-related metrics.

Dynamic Disclaimers

This feature allows the flexibility of printing different return policies based on the type of the items purchased. Disclaimers can be printed on the invoice, ticket receipt, delivery receipt or order.