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CORE PLATFORM Customized Features For Nurseries & Growers

Our Mariner GreenPoint Product Solution Module was developed for small and medium size growers using the NCR Inventory Engine. This solution is designed to integrate easily with the Core Platform and other Mariner GreenPoint apps to handle all facets of the operations for the greenhouse and nursery grower. The Mariner GreenPoint Product Module fits nicely into a multi-facet business environment where the grower may be a part of a garden center operation, a landscape operation or it can operate as a standalone solution for a growing operation.​​

Mariner has developed a host of features specifically designed for Nursery & Wholesale Growers to enhance the use of the Core Platform, the NCR Inventory Engine, to manage their growing operation.

Crop Management

Determining what you need to grow can be based on spec growing or contract orders. Plan what you need to grow by utilizing the built-in Planting Schedule which encompasses analyzing data from your previous years’ activity. This schedule can be fine-tuned with the delivery date of your customer orders and quantities, propagation type, and germination timelines, to name only a few. Control your growing cycle with functions including monitor counts, loss production and location of stock in the field and/or your growing houses. Your Inventory of growing stock can be managed for availability lists to your customers based on grade. Monitor all aspects of your growing, availability and historical data with sales, inventory, growing and supplier reports.
​Nursery Production

  • Daily & Weekly Planting Orders – Stick Report
  • Material & Labor Requirements
  • Requisition Report
  • Tracking Inventory by Locations
  • Growing Period by Seasons
  • Process & Track Dead Count
  • Update Inventory Quantities On-Hand through Purchasing

Sales. Order Entry Processing

The Mariner GreenPoint Production Module does not stop at managing your growing stock. Track the sales of the plants through the billing cycle, including quotes, orders, invoices, statements and receiving payments. Multiple and flexible pricing rules provides the automatic calculation for your customer orders. Your Availability lists can be created from the Mariner GreenPoint Production Module for output to your web site, or you can fax and/or email to your customers. Use the availability lists as a shortcut to quickly enter your customer requests without the need to re-key in orders. The Mariner GreenPoint Production Module has built in forms for printing pick and pack lists and billing invoices. Additionally, this solution has the ability to track and market directly to your customers through email. There is no need for an additional email service to email to your customers. Integrated email marketing for communicating to your current and prospective customers can be used directly from your Mariner GreenPoint Production Module.​​

Order Entry & Processing

  • Quotes
  • Order Entry
  • Automatic Pricing​​

Sales Analysis

  • Sales History by Customer & Item Sales
  • Profit Analysis
  • Availability Reporting

Data Collection with Wireless Handheld Devices

Go paperless with the Mariner GreenPoint Production Module. Track your growing plants, manage your transplant schedules, monitor your movement of items to various growing locations, verifying your physical inventories (counts) and grading of your crops can all be accomplished via our wireless handheld device. If your wireless network does not provide adequate coverage throughout your location, the devices are able to store the data until you transmit to the office. The wireless devices save time and increase accuracy for functions like sticking of plants, transplanting, physical counts, grading and area moves.​

Wireless Handhelds & Data Connectors
Gain the ability to use Wireless Handhelds or Data Collectors to:

  • Tracking Dead Count
  • Location Movement
  • Transferring Sizes
  • Shipping Product

Total Management Package

The Mariner GreenPoint Production Module is fully integrated with the core platform, the NCR Inventory Engine. This system includes handling supplier’s orders and receiving, maintaining customers and their associated accounts receivable balances and printing sales analysis reports. Included apps can provide managed alerts to staff personnel, email marketing system for vendors and customers, mobile wireless systems and web based ordering system.