Mariner GreenPoint provides application tools to enhance your customer communications, extend the ability to manage your business systems and increase your ability to monitor your business operations.  Email marketing, mobile POS solutions and mobile alerts will help you create new opportunities to interact with customers, drive sales while managing your business and staying ahead of new trends.

Email Marketing – NCR Customer Connect

  • Leverage customer data to do targeted marketing
  • Design campaigns to build your brand and create new sales opportunities
  • Use reporting tools to refine marketing for maximal return
  • Decrease advertising spending while increasing its effectiveness
  • Create recurring campaigns such as new customer welcomes, loyalty program statements, and birthday emails

Mobile POS – NCR CounterPoint Mobile

  • Expedite customer checkouts in your busy season
  • Sell products anywhere
  • Enhance customer experience by delivering face-to-face service
  • Check Inventory Levels while on the go
  • Perform physical counts of merchandise