Mobile Alerting / Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts is a mobile alerting tool allowing you to keep track of what happens in your store at all times.

Alerts are designed to send actionable data in the form of a text or an email. As a retailer, you are busy and cannot be everywhere at once. With Smart Alerts, you don’t have to be. Alerts fall into 3 categories and include:

Smart Alert Categories

Store Operations

  • Low inventory alert
  • Cash drawer overage and shortage notification
  • Failed credit card settlement
  • Flash sales

Fraud Prevention

  • Large price override warning
  • “No sale” transaction notification
  • Excessive voided tickets
  • Return outside of store hours alert

Customer Service

  • Pending orders quick report
  • Large sale notification
  • No one signed in at store open warning
  • Choose the alerts that are most important to you and set up parameters that fit with your business. Pick which alerts you want

Do you want to reduce fraud?
Smart Alerts can assist in notifying you immediately of fraudulent operations occurring in your store; such as excessive “No Sale” transactions, or “Voided Tickets” and much more.

​Improve Your Daily Operations
Daily operations can be improved using Smart Alerts by notifying you of Over/Short amounts in drawers, notifying you of high sales volume and even alerting you of low inventory.

​Improve The Customer Service Experience
Improving your customer service is essential in today’s business. Smart Alerts can notify you of pending orders from your e-commerce site, alert you when no one is clocked-in when your store is scheduled to be open, notify you when large sales activity is occurring on the floor in your store, and much more.

Manager and Staff Notifications

Notify a manager or other personnel is as easy as automatically receiving a text message or an email. Configuring Smart Alerts is easy for any manager or owner to set up.

​An Integrated Solution
Smart Alerts works off your Mariner GreenPoint database, reducing the need for other databases. All information is kept in the Mariner GreenPoint database.

​Trouble Monitoring Multiple Stores?
Smart Alerts provides you with the necessary information to manage remote locations reducing the amount of time needed to monitor each store.