MBS Mobile Messaging integrates fully with your Mariner GreenPoint System offering features and capabilities other text marketing tools can not deliver.


MBS Mobile Messaging maximizes your customer information stored in your Mariner GreenPoint database with direct integration to your Mariner GreenPoint Enterprise System. Take advantage of customer information, sales and frequency to establish various reoccurring text message campaigns. Welcome new customers, notify Medical expiration, send birthday rewards, or tell customers you miss them. Set times and dates to automatically send these alerts.


Target Texts to Your Specific Customers or Groups of Customers.
By searching your customers purchase history you can create text messaging campaigns targeted to specific customers or customer groups based on specific products, VIP status, loyalty card members or any other variable in your Mariner GreenPoint database. Mariner GreenPoint makes it easy to use your customer information to set up text messaging campaigns based on your customer’s needs and preferences.


Increase your customer connections with text messages promoting events, sales, new introductions and more. With MBS Mobile messaging you can schedule texts to be sent in advance when you are entering the information.


Segment Your Customers for specific Marketing
MBS Mobile Messaging allows you set up segments that are relevant to your business, increasing your customer response rate from campaigns and sales. The following categories are some examples of how Mariner GreenPoint retailers target their customers:

  • Customer Category
  • Loyalty Program Membership
  • Medical Customer
  • Gender
  • Date of last purchase
  • Zip Code
  • Type of items customers purchase
  • Birth month or day


Update Your  Customers Information Automatically
Adding a new customer or updating an existing customer to your Mariner GreenPoint customer database from your POS system or your online E-commerce site is truly automated. New customer information is brought into your system database from the POS or your E-commerce site on their first sale. Future customer updates are easy to manage and implement. For prospect marketing, you can also import external lists to your customer database.


Enhance your text messages with embedded links to lead customers to a promotional landing page on your website or introduce them to a new product on your E-commerce Site. Increase your sales on promotional items and introduce new items you have in your store and online.


No Re-entry of Data. Manage One Database. Easy Reporting
MBS Mobile Messaging does not require you to re-enter your customer information into a separate database. All customers who shop & receive texts from you are managed completely within your Mariner GreenPoint System database. From your Mariner GreenPoint system, you can create sales history reports for analysis of your text promotional campaigns.and online.


Measure your text message results to maintain quality connections with your customers. MBS Mobile Messaging reports provide you with the information needed to update or delete the customer within your systems database.


Give your customer the choice to opt in or opt out of your text messaging program. In addition, you can provide a link to your website to allow the customer to view your website before opting out.