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Streamline Your Checkout 

Ring up sales, returns, orders, backorders, special orders, and layaways. Or place the entire ticket on hold, print a price quote, or issue a gift certificate or store credit.​

  • Text or Full Graphical touch-enabled ticket entry
  • Zoom in on item and customer details
  • Accept payments on A/R accounts
  • Use NCR Secure Pay for secure payments utilizing data encryption and tokenization
  • Ring up sales independently of your network connectivity
  • Handheld checkout capability

View Your Inventory in Real Time

The NCR Inventory Engine helps you minimize your inventory investment and out-of-stock conditions so you can maximize your profitability.​

  • Always know what’s in-stock, on-order, and in-transit
  • Track merchandise movement
  • Define multiple price levels and promotional pricing
  • Use the built-in merchandising reports to analyze current levels, spot sales trends, and make better buying decisions
  • Track serial numbers, apparel grids, markdowns, and location-specific pricing

Retain Your Customers

When you know who your customers are and what they’re buying, you can keep them coming back for more.​

  • Retain complete details for every sale you make
  • Build a valuable database for analyzing trends
  • Print targeted mailings based on sales history
  • Set credit limits
  • Track receivables, print statements and enter cash receipts
  • Use loyalty cards and programs to reward your best customers

Automate Your Purchasing

Easily place purchase orders with your vendors. Let the NCR Inventory Engine calculate current stock levels and create your PO’s.​

  • Automatically calculate and create restocking orders
  • Simplify reorders by copying historical PO’s into new purchase orders
  • Order and receive merchandise for multiple stores
  • Receive merchandise with or without a PO
  • Track backorders, RTVs, and customer-specific purchases
  • Invoice received PO’s into your A/P system

Integrated Your E-Commerce Web Site and Point-of-Sale

Connect your Counterpoint point-of-sale system to your online store with Mariner’s eCommerce Solution, providing powerful and affordable web-hosting, ecommerce site creation and marketing service.​

  • Expand your business to the web with minimum effort and expense
  • Items, prices, and customers come directly from the NCR Inventory Engine
  • Eliminate costly double entry – import orders to the NCR Inventory Engine SQL
  • Built-in marketing tools help you reach new customer

Access Your Reports Library

An extensive library of built-in reports gives you the information you need to run your business successfully.​

  • Hundreds of built-in reports and journals
  • View current conditions as well as historical details
  • Modify parameters to analyze the data your way
  • Print Quick Reports from any LookUp
  • Powerful Merchandise Analysis Report and Sales Analysis by Group Report let you analyze your inventory in hundreds of different ways
  • Email reports and forms directly to managers, vendors and customers
  • ​Extract data from any report or lookup to Excel, Word and other Windows applications

Manage Your Accounts Receivable

Complete customer tracking including charge sales, receivable tracking, cash receipts processing, finance charges, account aging and statement printing.

  • Open item accounts with terms and payment discounts based on number of days or proximo terms
  • Credit Limits and Controls for easy customer management of credit terms
  • Statements printed on demand or automated schedule
  • Cash Receipts may be applied automatically or by document
  • Aging Reports utilizing up to 5 different aging periods