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Core Platform Customized Landscape Features

There has been a growing demand within the Green Industry from retail garden centers offering landscape services to stand alone landscape companies, to integrate a landscape business management solution with point-of sale. Mariner recognized this need and developed the Mariner GreenPoint Landscape Module as an add-on solution to the Core Platform, the NCR Inventory Engine.

Our Mariner GreenPoint Landscape Module allows you to track all new landscape design/install jobs as well as all landscape maintenance jobs. The Landscape Module includes features that help with job cost analysis, inventory and production control. It will interface with many drafting and CAD programs. It allows for complete cost control on all jobs. Purchasing, receiving, and tracking inventory can all be controlled through the Core Platform standard software features.

We have developed a host of customized key features specifically designed for landscape companies to enhance the use of the Core Platform, the NCR Inventory Engine to manage their landscape jobs.

Job Estimating and Proposal Generation

Generate estimates for new design and install jobs as well as routine maintenance jobs such as lawn care, trees and shrub plantings and many more. Account for material, labor and equipment requirements managing total job costs. From generated landscape estimates, create automatic cost/price calculations for your landscape job proposal.​

  • Create estimates for new jobs and routine maintenance jobs (ie: Lawn care, Trees, Shrubs plantings, etc.)
  • Account for material, labor & equipment requirements
  • Automatic costing & pricing calculations
  • Generate final proposal to submit to your landscape clients

Job Billing & Scheduling

Our Mariner GreenPoint Landscape Module gives you one centralized system to manage and maintain your landscape jobs from booking to invoicing. Keep your jobs on-track, on-schedule and on-time.​

  • Manage landscape job bookings
  • Maintain customer job contract history 
  • Generate final landscape job invoicing 

Job Costing Analysis and Reporting

Our Mariner GreenPoint Landscape Module helps you manage every landscape job budget. Reporting and analysis allows for comparison of actual costs versus estimated cost. Generate reports showing all costs including percentage of completion by individual contract, operation, supervisor, material cost, equipment usage, job profit and loss or various other criteria.

Job Production Control

The Shipping/Pick ticket provides a detailed listing of all inventory components associated for each landscape job. Crew Work orders provide a detailed listing of inventory for a job by location at a job site. Material Usage Reports are used for the landscape compares to analyze actual material used versus materials on pick ticket or estimate. Labor Tracking provides detailed timekeeping by employee per job for payroll processing and labor cost analysis.​

  • Crew Work Orders
  • Shipping Ticket
  • Material Usage
  • Labor Tracking