Mariner GreenPoint offers a fully integrated Gift Card module allowing the purchase and redemption of a digital Gift Card Certificate or physical Gift Card from anywhere – instore, online or mobile. Our Gift Card module allows you to have one place to track and check all customer gift card balances, status and expired dates. Additionally, customers can login to their online account to check their gift card balance.

Gift Card Module features include:

  • Pre-built HTML responsive templates & unlimited gift card images
  • Send a digital Gift Card Certificate via email or mail a physical Gift Card to the purchaser
  • Create unlimited Gift Cards with different values from fixed price, price range or price drop down
  • You can use Gift Code pattern to create several digital Gift Card Certificates online at one time. 
  • Create mass Gift Cards and Gift codes with different values as easy as 1-2-3! 
  • Customers can use their digital Gift Card Certificate or physical Gift Card as a payment method when they checkout online or in store.

Everything customers need to send digital Gift Cards or physical Gift Cards as a gift – is available with our Gift Card module. Imagine Jane, your customer, purchasing a gift card online to buy as a gift for her friend. Then Jane is able to write her own greetings and schedule it to send through email or the post office on a specific date. Jane’s friend will soon receive her gift card as a gift to use in your store or to shop online. ​