The Mariner GreenPoint Ecommerce Solution makes it easy to sell online with one solution for your ecommerce and store sales. The Core Platform provides all of the features to support your online ecommerce presence.

The Mariner GreenPoint Ecommerce Solution is built combining the best ecommerce software – Magento with the Core Platform, NCR Inventory Engine to give you a powerful integrated Ecommerce Retail Management System. This combination allows you to manage your ecommerce store and your brick and mortar store all from one common interface. Why learn multiple software platforms when you can have it all in one platform?

Mariner offers a wide spectrum of web development services including design, build, hosting and maintenance. Our web development team will work closely with you and your staff to build your online ecommerce store and web presence from the initial design phase through testing and final launch.

Keeping your website fresh and up-to-date is key to having a successful online presence. Your team will be able to manage all web ecommerce content through the CounterPoint point-of-sale and all standard web content through the Content Management System (CMS).

Mariner will continue to be your web partner offering monthly web site maintenance and support. Our Mariner GreenPoint web service will get your ecommerce site up and running online quickly with minimal startup fees and low monthly costs.

Our Mariner GreenPoint Ecommerce Solution comes with several key features: 

MBS eCommerce PCI Compliant

The Mariner GreenPoint Ecommerce Solution is PCI Compliant – Just as we offer NCR Secure Pay with tokenization for your brick and mortar store, you can pick from various PCI compliant payment solutions for your ecommerce store. With the Mariner GreenPoint Ecommerce Solution you have the peace of mind that your customer’s data is secure and fully PCI compliant.

MBS eCommerce Hosting

High Performance and Economical Hosting – Mariner GreenPoint hosting platform is designed especially for high performance and speed for the Magento ecommerce software. Our pricing is based on a flat rate with no escalating in price based on sales volume. Why wait to start your online store and start reaping the benefits today?

MBS eCommerce CounterPoint Integration

The Mariner GreenPoint Ecommerce Solution automatically transfers your items, categories, customers, orders, and more between your Counterpoint point-of-sale and your online retail store.

MBS eCommerce Web Store Design

Your customers ecommerce experience should be an extension of your existing brand. Your ecommerce solution web theme can be customized to visually support your brand image and tie in with your existing web and online presence. The Mariner web team will work closely with you to design your ecommerce solution following your brand standards linking back to your web site seamlessly.

User Interface and User Experience Navigation

Less clicks means the shortest route possible between your customer and their product of choice. The Mariner web team will assist and recommend the use of best practices in web user interface design ultimately leading to positive user experiences.

Unlimited Product Detail, Images and Videos

Give your consumers MORE to look at: Product descriptions, specs, details, color, images. Built-in zooms let consumers see the finer details of every product. Show off the front, back, inside, and other views of each product with an unlimited number of alternate images and videos.

Email Alerts

Your ecommerce customers can sign up for email alerts letting them know when a product is back in stock or when the price changes for a product they are interested in buying. When you receive more inventory, or set up sale pricing in CounterPoint, your Mariner GreenPoint Ecommerce Solution integration updates the quantities and prices in your online store, and your online store automatically emails your customers who have signed up for alerts.

Mariner greenpoint eCommerce Additional Highlights

  • Unlimited item attributes
  • Cross-sells / Up-sells
  • Product comparisons
  • Recently viewed items
  • Gridded items
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Multiple shipping rate lookups
  • Google Analytics integration