Our customer display screens allow retail customers to view the items as they are entered resulting in increased ticket accuracy. The customer display screens can also be used to advertise specials & promotions to the customer at the time of purchase.

Mobile Scanners

Mobility is key in the retail environment. Mobile scanners allow flexibility in managing the daily routine of running a point-of-sale system with features such as:​

  • ​Eliminate long lines at point of sale 
  • ​Receive inventory at the receiving dock 
  • ​Print Labels automatically 
  • Lookup item data 
  • ​Transfer inventory to another location 
  • ​Assign inventory to bins
  • ​And much more

Card Swipes with Signature Captures

Speed and efficiency is necessary to keep the retail lines moving quickly. It’s important to have quality card swipes and signature capture devices you can rely on offering the following features: ​

  • Customer displayed line pricing and ticket total 
  • Electronic pen provides most accurate signature capture possible! 
  • Large display optimizes the delivery of value-added marketing and consumer payment. 
  • Full glass screen promotes long lasting reliability and readability while eliminating the need for screen protectors.


Scanners with a high-performance processor and innovative 100-line rastering omni-directional scan pattern let you quickly capture bar codes no matter how they are oriented, allowing you to speed up checkouts, keeping lines short and customers satisfied. Customer information can be easily added into the system by reading their driver’s license. Easily switch between handheld and hands-free, so your employees don’t have to lift heavy objects, helping them avoid injury.